Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Overview of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Bulawayo is the second-largest city of Zimbabwe. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in Zimbabwe and is particularly famous for its close relationship with nature. While English is the official language, native languages, including Shona and Ndebele, are widely spoken. Bulawayo is surrounded by some of the most famous tourist spots in the country. It also persists as one of the leading industrial hubs in Zimbabwe.

History of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

The city has been under Colonial rule when Zimbabwe was under British control. This is particularly evident from the fact that there are many architectural reflections of the British Era in Bulawayo. The city suffered from a decline in living standards during the 1940s when Zimbabwe suffered a severe economic crisis. However, the later years marked the years of development for Bulawayo as it developed from a small town to an industrial hub.

Best time to travel to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Nature reserves and parks surround Bulawayo. The adventurous experience in these breathtaking places can only be enjoyed during drier seasons. If you want to enjoy Bulawayo's real beauty, Zimbabwe, then March to October is the best time for you to visit. It is dry throughout this time, allowing you to enjoy the city's natural beauty and its surroundings. The climate throughout the year remains moderate to hot, with low rainfall.

What should you pack for your flight to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe?

We will recommend packing light clothes such as khaki and dresses with neutral tones to beat to heat and have some safari fun for a visit to Bulawayo. You can also add shorts or skirts for the colder days. Full-sleeves are preferable to avoid the sun and the mosquitos. Don’t forget to bring along your comfortable walking shoes or joggers. We recommend carrying some essential medicines such as painkillers, anti-allergic, mosquito repellents, antacids, and decongestants. If you plan to visit the nature reserves in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, you should also have hats, insect repellents, sunglasses, and sunblocks. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture the amazing sights you will experience in and around the city.

Going around the city of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Transportation is easily accessible in Bulawayo, with cars being the preferable mode of transportation. The city has some attractive tourist destinations to offer, with picturesque beauty and exciting adventures. Just outside Bulawayo lie the Khami ruins, an archaeological marvel. The town also provides access to Matobo National Park, hosting rare flora and fauna species, and endangered animals. Near the Matobo National Park lie the Matobo Hills rock formations that are also home to ancient cave art. The National Art Gallery in Bulawayo is home to modern Zimbabwean sculptures, art, and paintings. Bulawayo is also home to gastronomical excellence in Zimbabwe with local markets serving authentic Zimbabwean food. There are both, modern and ancient buildings in and around Bulawayo that tourists can explore to delve into the historical aspect of the city.

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