Dar Es Salam, Tanzania

Overview of Dar Es Salam, Tanzania:

The name Dar Es Salaam means “place of peace”. Dar Es Salam is the major port and largest city in Tanzania. It is located on the Swahili coast and is also considered the largest city in East Africa. Dar Es Salaam is prospering rapidly has become a crucial part of the economy of Tanzania. It is the former capital of Tanzania and was changed in 1996 by the order of president Julius Nyerere. This city is an important part of Tanzania in terms of culture, fashion, and media.

History of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania:

Dar Es Salaam was founded in 1862 by the sultan majid of Zanzibar. Long before Dar Es Salaam started prospering, it was nothing but a little fishing port near a village called Mzizima. This city is blessed with the presence of a beach which enabled them to develop through the plantation of coconuts. But this goal was not achieved because of the death of the Sultan and lack of labor. Later, It started its journey towards the development in 1887, when the German East Africa Company built one of its stations there. It became a crucial part and commercial center of German East Africa. There was an increase in population and just as the economy started running smoothly, WW1 initiated and halted the growth of Dar Es Salaam. A few years later, this city became what it was striving to become and is not prospering rapidly.

Best time to travel Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania:

It is best to check the weather of the place you are traveling so that one can pack accordingly. It would be a good decision to travel to Dar Es Salaam between January and March as the season is dry during this time. If you are looking forward to wildebeest migration then June and July are the suitable months to travel to this city, also during these months, the animals are seen easily as they gather around rivers. If you are planning to visit somewhere sunny and warm then it is best to visit Dar Es Salaam during June and July.

What should you pack for your flight to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania?

Only packing the essential items for your journey is the key to having a lovely vacation. The flight to Dar Es Salaam is a long one and one has to kill time through different activities or doing the pending work. So make sure your laptop and mobile phones are fully charged even though there are charging ports in many airlines. There is no need to pack winter items as this city is warm all-round the year.

Going around the city of Dar Es Salaam:

The popular tourist sites in Dar Es Salaam are numerous and always filled with a bunch of people when tourism is at its peak. Places like Bongoyo Island, the National Museum, and the house of culture are the main spots where tourists seem to go. The food in Dar Es Salaam has an exquisite taste that is not found everywhere. While the restaurants in Dar Es Salaam have a wide range of cuisines and have interior designing which the tourists find appealing. Some of the famous restaurants are Alemi revolving restaurant and Mamboz restaurant.

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