Dubai, UAE

Overview of Dubai, UAE

Dubai is one of the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. The extravagant oasis that it is today, the city serves as the luxurious face of the Middle East and the most prominent attraction that part of the world has to offer. Famous for its transient cityscape, it is home to the tallest building in the world known as 'Burj Khalifa.'

History of Dubai

In the 18th century, Dubai used to be a small fishing village. With the announcement of tax reduction, the metropolis saw continued and rapid growth and soon became a re-exporting hub for Persia and India in the early 20th century. The city continued to emphasize trade and directed its focus towards infrastructure. During the 1990s, the town started to broaden, developing its travel industry, land, and financial sectors into the cosmopolitan that it is today.

The best time to travel to Dubai, UAE

The city's peak season is during the months of January-February, it is because of the shopping season in Dubai that the town sees vast crowds, high hotels, and airfare rates. November through April is when it's the winter season in Dubai. The weather is pleasant, making it possible for tourists to explore the city and is best suited for all kinds of outdoor activities. The summer weather in Dubai ascends by April and May. This season is particularly hot and humid, so far, the city has started to experience 40-48° on average, making it unthinkable to be exploring the outdoors. Our recommendation on the best time to visit Dubai would be from November through April as you're likely to enjoy the comfortable temperatures free from any hindrance to sightseeing.

What to pack for your flight to Dubai, UAE

For this land where the ancient sand meets the modern luxuries of the world, here's a list of things you need to pack for your flight to Dubai.

As a desert city, summers in Dubai are severe. In order to prevent sunburn, you should carry items like sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, moisturizers, and an umbrella. Swimsuits if you wish to play at the beach or engage your time at waterparks. While the city is relaxed, keep a note of dressing modestly if you want to enter a mosque or a sophisticated restaurant. In winter, the desert gets colder at night, so it is ideal for packing a light jacket or fleece. Women can carry a shawl that they can wrap around themselves to keep them warm. However, the hotness and humidity in winters are relatively mild, so pack as you would for the summer.

Getting around the city of Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a safe and secure city, and getting around is easy. You can hire a car, but for that, you'd need an international license, passport, and third-party insurance. However, this may be one option; using public transport is relatively cheaper and convenient.

Located in Downtown Dubai, the Dubai Marina is a conceptualized human-made city. It is an ideal place for people to go for a jog, an evening walk, or on a shopping spree. If you wish to have a unique experience at the marina, take the water bus that will take you around the canal. Alongside this, you can also visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo in Dubai Mall that is within the same vicinity. Be sure to visit the UAE's most significant tourism, entertainment, and leisure project, 'Global Village.' Although visiting the pavilions dedicated to each country can be tiring, experiencing food from all over the world and live concerts is something you should add to your bucket list. Other than that, the city has a lot to offer, for adrenaline-seekers, there's the Dubai Skydive and Desert Safari, for beach lovers there's the Jumeirah Beach, For water sports, there's Wild Wadi and the Laguna Water Park.

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