Entebbe, Uganda

Overview of Entebbe, Uganda

As a young, attractive, and peaceful town, the city of Entebbe, Uganda, is a fun place to explore different attractions by boat cruise, hiking, and walking through nature. Sitting on the gorgeous Lake Victoria, with a relaxed environment, the town invites you to the pearl of Africa. Moreover, the city is known for its location at Uganda's International Airport.

History of Entebbe

"Entebbe," in the local language, means a "seat." Founded in 1893, the city served as the British administrative center for Uganda until 1958. Famous for a successful counter-terrorist operation of the past, 100 hostages were rescued at the Entebbe International Airport.

The beat time to visit Entebbe, Uganda

Equatorial, Uganda is famous for its pleasantly warm and tropical weather. Temperatures around the country barely change, which makes it possible to visit all around the year. The city observes rainfall during the months of March-May. April is when the city is the wettest, and it is recommended to avoid traveling in this season if you do not prefer the rainy season. On the contrary, June-August is when the weather in Entebbeis pleasant and does not hinder your quest to explore. Considering both the seasons, our verdict on the best time to fly to Entebbe is during its two dry seasons: between December and February, and between June and August, when conditions are particularly suitable for trekking to see mountain gorillas and chimpanzees.

What to pack for your flight to Entebbe, Uganda

Entebbe is a unique travel destination. Knowing the right essentials to pack will make it a breeze for you to prepare for your trip. If you're traveling a long way from, then carrying some boredom-busters like books, games, or pre-downloaded podcasts would be a good idea to make your flight to Entebbe satisfying. Other essentials you ought to take are relevant documents alongside medications as you would want to ensure staying wholesome. The people of Uganda appreciate those who dress modestly, so make a note of what clothing you're carrying. Plastic bags are not permitted in the country, therefore remove any before getting off the plane as you wouldn't want to risk a fine. Since there's hardly a change in weather, it is recommended to carry clothing that is lightweight, breathable, washable, and quick to dry.

Getting around the city of Entebbe, Uganda

Entebbe arguably has the most popular and amazing beaches in Uganda. For those who wish to relax or have fun, great happenings occur at the beach, making your experience all the more worthwhile. From music to food, you can enjoy all that is at your disposal. Ngamba Island is another exciting tourist attraction. If you wish to interact with a chimpanzee at a real close distance, this is the place to be. The sanctuary is known to be one of the best across Africa, and with the help of professionally trained staff, you can acquire more knowledge about these living animals.

There's no need to stay in your hotel room when the nightlife in Entebbe is an event in itself. The town is just perfect for long walks with several bars, and restaurants open till dawn. You can enjoy the famous local dishes, the Matoke, and Luwombo, with a variety of drinks that define the Ugandan spirit.

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