Freetown, Sierra Leone

Overview of Freetown, Sierra Leone

With rich historical significance, Freetown is the capital of Sierra Leone, located in Africa. It is the largest city on the Atlantic coast and is situated on the western side of the country. Freetown thrives in culture and is home to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Moreover, Freetown forests also have distinct wildlife. It is a bustling city, with a mix of both nature and nightlife.

History of Freetown

The name of the city symbolizes its past. During the civil war, the city managed to free many slaves from Great Britain and, to this day, glorifies their success. The city has a renowned cotton-tree at the city center, which also is the symbol of freedom and peace in society. The city has faced difficult times, and the historical society of Freetown still stands as a memory of the past. Many museums display historical events and the properties that came with them.

Best time to travel to Freetown, Sierra Leone

Idealistically, the dry season is when the traveler love to visit the most, which runs from October to May. However, if you are not a fan of heat, then January and February are not suitable for you. Rain pours common through June till September, which can cause the area to become very muddy. Birders are a massive fan of traveling in December and January, which is when they find it most rewarding.

What should you pack for your flight to Freetown, Sierra Leone?

It solely depends on your flight time as to what you want to pack for in-flight. You may want to carry some entertainment, a book, preferably, if you are traveling from the US or UK, because it is going to be a long flight to Freetown. Other than your essentials, make sure to travel in summer clothes as the temperature stays relatively warm. You can also pack a light hoodie, in case of cloth nightfalls. Women are recommended to pack modest clothing, such as light, flowy dresses, and full-length trousers.

Getting around the city of Freetown, Sierra Leone

If you have made up your mind to travel to Freetown, then there are some things that you need to keep in mind. Lakka beach, Lumley beach, and Tokeh beach are just some of the fantastic Freetown beaches. Furthermore, Freetown hotels are well-accommodating and have good ratings for their services, as well.

The food culture in Freetown is rich. They have many flavorful dishes, and most of them have rice as the main ingredient. Also, as it is the city of the seas, you can enjoy some fresh fish, cooked with local spices. During April and May, Mangoes are sold in heaps, and the locals, as well as the tourists, enjoy them immensely. Other than that, street treats, vendor food is widespread as well.

You can simply travel around the city in a Cab or Taxi, and even on foot. It is up to you if you want to enjoy your time in the city or escape it to enjoy nature.

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