Hargeisa, Somaliland

Overview of Hargeisa

Hargeisa city sits in an occluded valley of the Golden highlands, located in the northwestern part of Somaliland. The city serves as the capital of an independently self-declared state, void of international recognition. It is the largest city in the country and is home to 1.96 million people.

History of Hargeisa

Originally founded as a watering and trading stop, Hargeisa used to welcome passing caravans and nomadic stock headers. In 1991, with the outbreak of the civil war, Hargeisa city of Somaliland experienced severe damage, leaving most of the settlement in ruins. The vast majority of people were to be gone. Amongst the notable historical discoveries are the numerous rock art (cave paintings) from the neolithic period. These can be found in the Laas Geek Complex, located on the outskirts of the city.

Best time to travel Hargeisa, Somaliland

Tourist flockings, peak season, flight rates, and weather conditions are all essential factors that can influence your plan of traveling to a city. Visiting a town most favorable to your preferences would add to the bucket of memorable experiences; therefore, it's essential to make decisions carefully. Privileged as the city may be, the weather in Hargeisa is impressive as it enjoys four distinct seasons. April to June is when you can benefit from the advantage of experiencing the spring rains. From July to September, it's the time of dry summer, and the weather may compel you to moisturize yourself often. The months of October to November are the second wave of the rainy season in autumn. December-March is when the weather is not too dry nor too cold, to stop you from exploring the gorgeous city. With all seasons with their distinct offerings, our recommendation on the best time to visit Hargeisa is from November through March as the temperature ranges from 0°C - 32°C, making it an ideal situation to get around exploring all attractions and points of interest in Hargeisa.

What should you pack for your flight to Hargeisa, Somaliland

Packing your bag is amongst the most important preparations before your trip. You have to make crucial decisions on what goes into your checked luggage and what essentials will be your in-flight companion. Long flights can be grueling without having something to pass your time, and before you head out for your trip to Hargeisa, make sure you download music, movies, books, or games on your phone or tablet to keep you entertained throughout the journey. If you're someone who doesn't handle air pressure well or prefers drowning the ambient annoyance around you, ear-plugs are another essential that you ought to be carrying with you. Besides that, the dressing culture in Somaliland has gradually evolved, men wearing shorts are frowned upon, so your next best alternative is 'trousers.' As for women, it is a little more complicated. Local ladies cover themselves by wearing a headscarf; therefore, it's recommended for female tourists to avoid wearing clothes that are culturally displeasing.

Getting around the city of Hargeisa, Somaliland

Though one might expect its indeterminate status to be a security-risk, getting around in Hargeisa is easy and safe. Taxi and bus ride rates are cheap; the drivers know their way around town and understand the right amount of English to take you to your desired destination. Las Geek Complex, Central Market, War Memorial Freedom Square, and the recently opened Saraya Museum are some of the city's offerings. Hiddo Dhawr is a cultural center, a place to visit if you wish to enjoy live music in Hargeisa.

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