Kinshasa, Congo

Overview of Kinshasa, Congo

Kinshasa is the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. You can catch a glimpse of Brazzaville, the neighbouring metropolis of the country, that sits on the Congo River's southern bank. This is the world's second-closest pair of capital cities facing each other after Rome and Vatican City. With a population of 14.3 million, the city is culturally diverse and the largest city in Congo. The residents of the town are known as Kinois.

History of Kinshasa

Founded in 1881 by the Belgian settlers, the city was established as a trading post in honour of the king of Belgium. After gaining independence in 1966, the former name of Kinshasa 'Léopoldville' was dropped along with the language that was spoken in the city. The city has grown from a small fishing village into one of the largest metropolitan areas in Africa.

The best time to visit Kinshasa, Congo

Located right on the equator, Congo is popular for its tropical weather. The climate in Kinshasa typically experiences two main seasons: the wet and the dry season. If you're someone who enjoys the long summer days and admires the beach tan, then travelling in the dry season that runs from May to September is when you should consider making a trip to the city. However, if you wish to visit the most electric place on earth, the rainy season begins from October continuing through May, and that is when the city experiences intense thunderstorms. This season is best for sighting national parks as forests are blooming from the refreshed rain, and the sunsets during this season are awe-inspiring.

What you should pack for your flight to Kinshasa, Congo

Kinshasa is a unique travel destination. What you carry onboard may be contingent on whether it's a long-haul flight or if your destination is just a few hours away. Must-haves include; ID, credit and debit cards, cash, and your passport/Visa. Other than that, to support your in-flight entertainment, you can carry a book or pre-load your devices with your favourite content so that you can watch and listen to your desired movies and playlists.

Depending on when you make a trip to the city of Kinshasa Congo if you plan on visiting in the summer season with the aim of touring the national park, light layers of neutral colours and easy to dry clothes are recommended. Although, if you're travelling in a season forecasted with occasional rains, waterproof shoes and waterproof jackets are a good idea.

Getting around in the city of Kinshasa, Congo

Here are some places you should surely not miss when travelling to Kinshasa. Check out the Lola Ya Bonobo Sanctuary. Bonobos are dwarf chimpanzees, they can only be found in central Africa, and while the creatures are endangered to go extinct, the location is definitely worth a visit. History buffs can visit the National Museum of Kinshasa to learn more about its historical and cultural significance. Other famous points of interaction are the Zongo Waterfall and Lac De Ma Valle park

Several other places that could add value to your experience. For evening fun and partying, Jardin d'Eden-Kinshasais an excellent music bar to be. Texas Bilembo is a popular place for people interested in attending cultural shows and performances. If trying Congolese cuisine is part of your bucket list, then be sure to visit the Chez Flore restaurant, you can experience the popular Poulet á la Moambé. For other times there are restaurants in Kinshasathat serve European, Lebanese, and a variety of other international dishes.

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