Lagos, Nigeria

Overview of Lagos, Nigeria

Ideally located on the Atlantic coast, the city of Lagos teems with life and energy. It is the capital of Africa's music and film industry and is the largest city in Nigeria. It is home to glittering skyscrapers, sandy beaches, amazing nightclubs, and a rapidly flourishing economy making itself a must to visit destination for both tradesmen and visitors. As an increase of 3.34% from last year, the current population of Lagos is 14.3 million.

History of Lagos

The name Lagos means 'lakes,' the name dates back from the 1760s. In the early 14th century, this area was populated by the people of Yoruba, who founded this coastal village called Eko. Once after the visit of the Portuguese traders, the settlement was then renamed. Lagos city of Nigeria was the capital from 1914-1991 when the capital was moved to Abuja.

Best time to visit Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos can be visited most of the year; however, this may vary depending on what season suits your likes best. The weather in Lagos is generally warm, with both wet and dry seasons. If you're a sun-chaser, then visiting during December is the best idea as that is when the city enjoys the most daylight. March to October are the months when it pours down, and if you're just in luck, you might witness the sight of mesmerizing thunderstorms. During this time, the vegetations are green and lush, and it is the best time to visit the waterfalls and beaches in Lagos. All things considered, our verdict on the best time to visit the city is from November to February as that is when the town has just been refreshed from the rainy season and is not as busy as in the height of peak travel season.

What should you pack for your flight to Lagos, Nigeria?

Considering the predominantly hot and humid climate around the year, it is vital to plan ahead before your flight to Lagos. To facilitate an enjoyable travel experience, carry items like books or music players that savor your entertainment. Tackle the heat by bringing a sunscreen that will help prevent sunburn and skin irritation. Nigeria is hot; therefore, it is important to stay hydrated and carry a water bottle when staying outdoors. Besides that, your wardrobe packing list should include lightweight and light-colored clothes that are best suited for weather conditions in Nigeria.

Going around the city of Lagos, Nigeria

The metropolis of Lagos beholds numerous interesting sights to visit. Nightlife in Lagos is impressive, one of many places to come alive at night in the city is 'Bogobiri' - a unique spot where food meets art. Lagos is also famous for its beaches. From the popular Ekeo beach to the Oniru private beach, it has great places to offer where you host parties and hangout with friends.

Family groups can visit the Paint and Bake. They can engage in painting, sculpting, drawing, and much more. The place creates unique opportunities for children to learn these skills and by fostering a creative atmosphere. Other fun family spots to visit are the Lekki Conservation Centre (nature's place), GET Arena, Funtopia, and the Escape room.

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