Lilongwe, Malawi

Overview of Lilongwe, Malawi

Named after the Lilongwe River, Lilongwe, Malawi is one of the most densely populated of the state. It is also a state capital. The city holds major importance for its economic and transportation hub. Most Malawi’s would travel through the city once in their life because of its central location. The city boasts of wildlife, culture, and heritage and is a hearty and loved tourist destination.

History of Lilongwe, Malawi

Lilongwe was seen as a moneymaker and was initially set up as a boma by the local leader Njewa back in 1904. That was the stepping-stone of the city’s future. After many plans, build-up makes, and remarks, the city today stands as it is. It all started with its agricultural significance and fertile land.

Best Time to travel Lilongwe, Malawi

During the summer rainfall, Lilongwe, Malawi is extremely hot. So, it is suggested to travel through the dry winter months. For that, it is ideal to book your tickets for Lilongwe, Malawi from early up to may till the end of October. In the colder season, you would be able to view beautiful greenery as well enjoy the cities popular tourist sites.

What should you pack for Your Flight to Lilongwe, Malawi

This is going to be a long-list. In-flight you should go for books, movies, music, or any other forms of entertainment depending on where you are traveling from. However, your on-trip essentials are to include some old clothes. Yes, you heard that right. Lilongwe is a very adventurous place and you are likely to get all dirty and rugged -- ruining your best clothes for that would not be the best idea. In addition, if you want, you can even donate them in the end, for a good cause. All your sun material, i.e. Sunglasses. Sunhat, sun cream, and anything else that you can think of, you need to beat the heat! Anti-malarial and bug sprays are also a good idea to keep with you. Keep your camera with batteries ready and take a cheap digital watch with you, just in case you fear losing your expensive one. Other than that, leave some space out, because you are most likely to bring back some great souvenirs.

Going Around the City of Lilongwe, Malawi

There is so much one can explore in Lilongwe, Malawi. Lilongwe wildlife center is the first place you should go to. There you can get a tour of the rescued animals You can also go on self-hiking sessions. Another fun idea is that you can book yourself a 14-day Malawi tour where you can go visits beautiful lakes and beaches for some fresh breath of air. In Area 2, you can find surprisingly good local as well as fast food. Enjoy yourself at bohemian standard restaurants. You can also enjoy locally brewed drinks at bars. Plus, you can find in the budget as well as mid-range places to stay the night at where you can keep your belongings safely.

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