Luanda, Angola

Overview of Luanda, Angola

Formerly known as Sao Paulo de Luanda, Luanda is the capital of Angola, as well as of the Luanda province. It is located on the Atlantic coast in northern Angola and possesses one of the largest and chief seaports in the country. Luanda boasts of culture, growth, and capital. It is the heart of the country and many travelers enjoy their trips in the lively city.

History of Luanda, Angola

Paulo Dias founded the city in 1579. In the early days, the Portuguese settled in Luanda, and soon, the city became an administrative hub for the Portuguese colony. Due to this, most inhabitants of the surroundings speak Portuguese majorly. By the time of its Independence in 1975, Luanda had become a modern city with many developments and commendable infrastructure. By the end of 2002, when the city also came to end, the city became one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Best time to travel to Luanda, Angola

It is best to travel to Luanda Angola from June to October. That time the weather is sunny and mild and there are little to no chances of rains and storms. Generally, Luanda has two seasons, dry and rainy.

What should you pack for your flight to Luanda, Angola?

Depending on where you are traveling from and how long your flight will be, you should always carry some form of entertainment with you, ranging from books, movies music, or maybe a loved one to keep you cozy. You cannot count on English, so make sure you have something that can help you speak Portuguese – this can include a small travel conversation guide or an app on your phone. Luanda is one of the most expensive cities, you should keep in mind that you need to have some bucks in your bank to spend. Mosquito repellents are a big YES, as those little bugs are known to be the public enemy. You can wear whatever you like in Luanda, so pack your favorite summer clothes.

Going around the city of Luanda, Angola

The Portuguese fortress is one of the first and most popular landmarks of Luanda, Angola. Initially, it was created as an administrative center, but later it was turned into a prison for Brazilian slaves. If you want to know more about this deep history and what else happened through that era, visiting the fortress would be a great choice. Up next is the National Museum of slavery, which is necessary if you go to Luanda. You can get a cultural boost and lovely souvenirs from the local markets where you can also enjoy some traditional and delicious street food. Absorb serene nature at the Kalandula falls, where you can watch peaceful and beautiful waterfalls that are likely to astound you. The National Safari park is also an amazing place to spend some adventurous and fun time with your friends, family, or even solo. Beaches in Luanda are a great way to spend some relaxing time. The place is filled with diverse attractions and even a tour through the city of Luanda is likely to give you more exposure to amazing architecture.

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