Lusaka, Zambia

Overview of Lusaka, Zambia

Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia. It is the fastest growing and the largest city in Southern Africa. While commonly, Nyanja and Bemba are spoken around the city, English is the official language there. Lusaka Is the commercial, business, and political hub of the country and therefore is one of the most developed parts.

History of Lusaka, Zambia

The city does not boast of any major historical monuments or museums that one would want to travel to. However, like every other place, it holds its historical significance. Because of Lusaka, Zambia's central location, the city had become a quick target for development in the mid-1930s. Earlier, It was a small village site and was named after its Chief Lusaka. After several elite movements, Lusaka became the capital of Zambia in 1964. In recent years, due to the growth of infrastructure, it has been a great attraction for tourists as well as Zambians.

Best time to travel to Lusaka, Zambia

If you want to enjoy the sensational wildlife of Lusaka, Zambia then May to October is the best time for you to visit. It is dry throughout this time because of which you can enjoy the natural beauty that the city has to offer, After October it is likely to get very hot and stuffy and is suggested to not travel in such extreme heat unless you are feeling too adventurous. Other than that, starting from December to April, the city has a surreal Green Season to offer when the entire bush is beautifully thick and green.

What should you pack for your flight to Lusaka, Zambia?

The flight might not be an interesting one but the city is very venturesome. For the flight, you can pack up a Safari guide to explore until you reach the real one to keep your excitement up high, other than that, depending on where you are traveling from, a good book, a movie, or some good music is rightly going to do the trick to keep you entertained. In your baggage, pack some khaki and neutral tones to beat to heat and to have some safari fun. You can also add shorts or skirts for cooler days. Your sleeves should be full to avoid the sun and the mosquitos. Early mornings can be cold, so a jacket would do you well. Don’t forget your comfortable walking shoes. If you are planning to visit the beaches in Lusaka, Zambia then you should also have your beach and swimwear. Pack your camera because there will be plenty of sights that you would love to make a memory of. Hats, insect repellents, and sunblocks are also recommended.

Going around the city of Lusaka, Zambia

You have many transportation services in Lusaka, Zambia. The train is the most popular one. The National Park of Lusaka, Zambia is the first and major tourist site that everyone loves to visit. Other than that, if you want the essence of the local culture then the Sunday crafts market is your go-to. Africa is all about Safari, and if that is your plan then Chaminuka Game Reserve is your place, it’s a whole new world out there. Lusuka also has an amazing reptile park named Kalimba. You can also watch adorable baby elephants at Lilayi elephant nursery. The food at Lusaka, Zambia can be enjoyed at many traditional restaurants.

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